International Transfer Student Package


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Many students decide to make changes throughout their educational career, and this can include transferring from one college to another. Whether you are moving from a smaller two-year school to a four-year university, from one university to another, or even from a university in one country to one in the United States, Global Student Consulting is committed to helping you. While the process is similar for local and international students, care must be taken with each student to ensure that all necessary and required paperwork is completed and presented so that your new school can successfully welcome you as a new student. Allow GSC to take you through the process and make the transition smooth and easy so that you are ready and eager to take on all of the new challenges and experiences that your transfer school has to offer.

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To study in the United States, you need a Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status.” This form is required for all international students who wish to study in the United States, and it certifies that a student has been accepted to a college or university and that they meet all financial requirements set by the United States government. It is a very important and necessary form for all international students, and it can be a frustrating process. GSC will assist you in gathering all necessary documentation so that you can legally obtain your I-20 Form, including your international proof of income and your sponsor affidavit. GSC will also help you understand the expectations of international students and the laws, restrictions, and rules that you must follow and abide by, including the details surrounding multiple entries into the country, how and when you can study, and the type of course load you must maintain.


College course selection is overwhelming, and not everyone has a clear idea of what courses they need or when they need to take them. GSC can help you with this process. Our team will help identify what your educational goals are and prepare a college degree plan each semester that will help you reach and achieve those goals. Then, we will help you register for your classes with your personal schedule, preferences, and obligations  in mind so that we can set you up for success. Each student will receive individualized one-on-one assistance because we understand that goals and dreams may change, as might a student’s specific major. We can help guide a student from taking their core classes to helping them make sure their prerequisites are met so they are set up for success. College offers so many different options, and GSC will be there every step of the way to help you succeed!