Personal Mentor


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At GSC, we believe everyone can benefit from a personal mentor. Guidance from a trusted individual on professional and academic matters can be invaluable in a world of infinite options and choices, and we would like to help you achieve your goals and dreams . Our mentors will help keep you active not only in your school, but also in any social or career endeavors that come your way. We have professional and peer mentors to meet every need, and we want you to find comfort in the advice, support, experience, and feedback of someone who has been in your situation. We will assist you with any issues or concerns, and we want to make sure you know you are not alone on your way to achieving your dreams and navigating the process of meeting your goals.

GSC mentor will keep you active, will keep up with you, will assist with any problems or issues, you don’t have to be alone, can assist with either a peer or professional mentor, share concerns and dreams, get feedback, support