Global Student Consulting News Blog Post by Martina

Blog Post by Martina

Have you ever felt lost or not sure which direction to go in when it comes to a new place, city, or even a country?  How about a new school?  Global Student Consulting and I can lead the way and help you achieve your educational goals as well as making life just a little easier.  GSC can help you find an educational destination that will meet your specific needs.

GSC is the most inviting, relaxing, and friendly environment where everyone wants to help you meet your educational goals and help you feel right at home not only with us, but also in the impressive and friendly city of Houston.

Houston is a wonderful city, full of impressive freeways, tall and unique buildings, and so much to do. No matter your interests, there is something for everyone whether it be at the parks, museums, theaters, restaurants, or the beautiful landscapes. We have restaurants on every corner with cuisine from over 70 different countries. And we can’t forget about the museums! Houston boasts one of the largest museum districts in the country. Go take a ride on Houston’s first modern Metro Rail; it will take you to many must-see locations throughout downtown, midtown, and the medical center. You can also enjoy checking out the Beer Can House, The Japanese Garden, and the Art Car Museum. These are certain to be experiences you won’t soon forget.


A few tips to help make Houston your new home:

Learn the different areas and names of the neighborhoods in Houston. This will help with navigation and will make getting around easier. Remember- Houston is HUGE! You wouldn’t want to agree to lunch somewhere and not realize it is an hour away even though it is still technically in Houston.

People in Houston love their sports! With professional football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams, attend a few games to really get in the Houston team spirit! I promise you will have a great time.

At GSC, we are here for you, our students. If you are ever feeling lost or lonely or like you aren’t adjusting well to the city, let us know! We would be glad to introduce you to other students, show you some of Houston’s attractions, and help ease your burdens. At GSC, you are our family!


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