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Business English, Daily English, Academic English

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Elementary / Middle / High School, College, University, Graduate Levels


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PhD in Literature

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About Dr. Frand

Our entire team wants to welcome you into our family. The experts at GSC have years of experience and are familiar with every aspect of the educational system. We want you to feel confident about our services because we genuinely care about our students and are excited to join them on their college journey.

Not only are we helping students directly with paperwork, we are creating a social and digital social environment for students where they can interact and engage with one another. We believe in cultural growth and education, and our professional and social events allow our students to enjoy invaluable experiences that will continue to help them grow.

We want students to succeed in every aspect of their lives and our mentors are equipped with the professional and personal experience to guide them through their college experience. Our students will have access to the wisdom and knowledge of our professional mentors who want to see every student meet and exceed their goals.

We want to thank you for all of your feedback and testimonials. Your words and experiences will help future students understand the importance of having professional guidance. These testimonials are very important to us and without your comments and suggestions, we cannot grow.

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