Blog Post by Martina

Have you ever felt lost or not sure which direction to go in when it comes to a new place, city, or even a country?  How about a new school?  Global Student Consulting and I can lead the way and help you achieve your educational goals as well as making life just a little easier.  GSC can help you find an educational destination that will meet your specific needs.

GSC is the most inviting, relaxing, and friendly environment where everyone wants to help you meet your educational goals and help you feel right at home not only with us, but also in the impressive and friendly city of Houston. (more…)

10 Study Tips You Can Start Using Now!

1. Space it out. When an exam date looms near, it’s quite common for students to begin cramming weeks of material in mere days before the test. Often referred to as “binge and purge” learning, this method of studying has students binging and absorbing as much information as they can so that they can purge it all out during the exam.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow for long-term learning and the material is often forgotten before the next exam. (more…)

Financial Aid 101

Whether you are starting college for the first time or the financial burden of school has you looking for assistance, financial aid is always on the mind of college students. Some students and their families are not sure where to start. Consider this your Financial Aid Crash Course.There are lots of confusing acronyms when it comes to financial aid, and perhaps the most important one is EFC, (more…)