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Personal Service

At GSC, all our services are personalized to meet your unique individual needs.

We Treat You Like Family

We are always there when you need us.

Expert Advice

Our committed team of experts has years of experience

Professional Tutoring

GSC Tutors are also professionals in their field.

Peer Encouragement

As a part of the GSC family and social network, you will meet many other students with similar challenges.

Stress Free

Let GSC take care of your important official paperwork, so you can focus on your academic goals.

Welcome to GSC


Our entire team wants to welcome you into our family. The experts at GSC have years of experience and are experts in the United States post-secondary education system. We want you to feel confident about our services because we genuinely care about our students and are excited to join them on their college journey towards success.

Not only do we help directly with paperwork, but we also create opportunities (add link to events calendar) for our students to connect outside the classroom at live events and via social media.  We create activities where students can interact with one another in person and on social media. We believe in cultural growth and academic excellence, and our professional and social events allow our students to enjoy invaluable experiences that will continue to help them grow.

We want students to succeed in every aspect of their lives. To that end, our mentors are equipped with the professional and personal experience to help them achieve a work-life balance to complement their study skills. Our students have access to the wisdom and knowledge of our professional mentors who want to see every student not only meet, but exceed their goals.

We want to thank you for all of your feedback and testimonials. Your words and experiences will help future students to better understand the importance of having professional guidance. These testimonials are very important to us, and without your comments and suggestions, we cannot grow.


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